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Atkins Diet Breakfast Ideas

"Who says you must eat eggs for breakfast??"

Below you'll find some great ideas for a low carb. breakfast. For more ideas visit our Atkins Diet Message Boards to get some low carb recipes and cooking advice!

Enjoy a nutritious, refreshing and convenient breakfast with these satisfying breakfast bars from Atkins Morning Start! Available in new light, crispy and fruity flavors. With only 2g Net Carbs per bar, you can now have a delightful breakfast or snack all-in-one!


Crispy flakes blended with favorite breakfast flavors of almond, banana and blueberry. All with no added sugar and no trans fats. Atkins Morning StartTM Cereals are high in healthy fiber, protein and folic acid. They're a quick, delicious and satisfying way to start the day. Approximately nine 2/3-cup servings per box. 3g Net Carbs per serving



Low carb Keto Fruit Spreads are imported from "clean, green" New Zealand! All of the delicious flavors are lovingly hand-crafted in small, kettle-stirred batches. Hand-picked ripe and plump native fruits are chopped and crushed into thick, sucralose-sweetened low carb syrup! Each jar is chock-full of hand-picked native fruit pieces and contains only 2 g of carbohydrates per tablespoon (1/2 oz) serving! Enjoy on Low Carb Breads, Muffins, Pancakes,etc.


Introducing the very first Low Carb Hot Cereal! Finally! A dream come true for those living the low carb lifestyle. A hot breakfast cereal available in 3 different flavors. Rich in healthy flax seed meal, each serving has less than 2 digestible carbs, 11g of protein and a whopping 10g of dietary fiber. Just add hot water! Simple to prepare, FLAX O MEAL comes in Strawberries and Cream, Cinnamon and Spice, Vanilla Almond, and Butter Pecan. Nutritious and delicious, try FLAX O MEAL for breakfast today!

Enjoy light fluffy pancakes with maple flavor. Just add water, pour in to a preheated 300 degree skillet and enjoy a hot breakfast in under 4 minutes. 2 "Net Effect" carbs per pancake. Net Effect Carbs are the carbs that will effect your low carb diet. A delicious step towards successful weight loss. Great taste and high protein.




One of the favorite low carb cookbooks!


- Over 250 delicious low carb recipes!










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