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Name: Lisbeth952

weight: 232/232/172

Age: 35

BirthDate: March 31st, 1967

Sex: Female

Location: The Beautiful Pacific Northwest

EmailAddress: Lisbeth952@aol.com

Hobbies: Taking care of my three guys: Husband Randy, Son Josh and Baby Jake. It's hard to live out here and not have hiking/camping/fishing/etc. as hobbies, and so of course, I do!

Occupation: Business Owner: Design and Marketing Firm

Fav. Joke/Quote: "...but it's so small, and you've eaten so much already!"

Comments: Very glad to be here with you all! I have just started induction (7/27/2002) and am very excited about it. I have quite a bit to lose, but I know that with every day that goes by, I will feel BETTER! Looking forward to hiking with my boys without stopping every 100 yards to catch my breath. :-) Feel free to email me if you're looking for a buddy or support!