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Recent photo - Taken March 16, 2002



weight: 170.8/137/130ish

Age: 40

BirthDay: April 8, 1960

Sex: Female

Location: Madison, WI

EmailAddress: mruoff@dnastar.com

Comments: I have been on this wol for about 16 months now (started Aug 23, 1999). Enjoy it and see the positive effects of it. love and NEED all the support this board has given me Married (17 yrs), with one child, an 8 yr old girl.

The first two photos are from Aug 1999, and taken in Turkey. I had lost about 5 lbs over 5 months trying to eat low fat, but not succeeding. A friend told me about this wol and i started trying it WITHOUT the book and lost alttlie on this vacation. The last photo is from Aug 2000. I was in the stands at Steven Point, WI watchng my daughter play violin. I had started lifting about 3 months earlier. and I was being a showoff in a muscle shirt. I should have more photos in July or so. We will be going on a big trip at the end of June.