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Name: RuthE

weight: 286/286/130

Age: 51

Sex: Female

Location: Maryland


Hobbies: I love to travel, gardening and learning about alternative healing methods. I also love The Renaissance period and have been working at our local Renaissance Faire for the past 17 years.

Occupation: Homemaker

Fav. Joke/Quote:: "Seize the Day!"

Comments: I am the caretaker of my three grandchildren (who live with me) ages 2, 5 & 8. Spending time with the grandchildren has helped me to see the importance of just spending time enjoying the beauty that is all around us. Now that I do not have to work I can begin to see the world through a child's eyes. It keeps my feet planted on the ground and is the reason that I desire to lose weight and become my healthy self again. So that I can be here for my grandchildren for a long, long time. There is so much love and history to pass on. Don't want to leave anything out. Comments: I am so thankful that this Site exists. It was a great help to me before and I know it will be again. Thanks to all of you for being so warm, loving and supportive. GBU!