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Name: Angie

weight: 195/175.5/135

Age: 33

BirthDate: Oct. 28, 1968

Location: Long Island, NY

Hobbies: I like to do all kinds of things...hmmm favorite things include Large Rollercoasters, cooking, going to the beach. I have a wonderfun DH and 3 great kids and a new puppy.

Occupation: Temp

Comments: This is a picture of me at my largest. I went to a summer cooking thing at a local nursery. They were taking pictures for the local newspaper and they sent me a copy of the one of me. Well it came in the mail about 6 months after it was taken and let me tell you I was floored! I avoid pictures like the plague so when I saw this one I decided it was time I took control of my eating habbits and made a change. I love this WOL and can honestly say that I will not go back to my former habbits. I may slip from time to time but hey we are all human!

"added 09/02"