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Name: Billie2003

weight: 143/128/115

Age: 28

Birth Date: March 28

Location: Pennsylvania

Email Address: billie.hilfiger@adelphia.com

Hobbies: I enjoy crafts, gardening, time out with friends (usually shooting darts...I'm terrible, but it's fun!), spending time w/my son & fiance and low carbing.

Occupation: Administrative

Comments: I started this WOE on Feb 14th, 2003. So far I have lost 16 lbs. I really enjoy this WOE and look forward to reaching my goal weight. I don't really have a picture at my heaviest as I was pretty camera shy at the time. If I happen to come across one, I'll post it. This picture shows me at 128 lbs. Only 13 more to go! Good Luck to everyone!!

"added 04/03"