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Above - starting weight photos -Sept. 2000


Name: Bonnie

weight: 230/197/160ish

Age: 29

BirthDay: May 30, 1971

Sex: Female

Location: Michigan

EmailAddress: bonbon29f@earthlink.net

Hobbies: Being with good friends, and family. We have casino's here in Michigan now so every chance I get I like to go and gamble some.

Occupation: Insurance sales

Fav. Joke/Quote: Life is short, don't waste time on silly stuff

Comments: I am a single mom of one, I work full time in the insurance industry. I have had a very positive experience with the atkins diet. I started on 1/8/01 and have lost a total of 33 lbs so far, which is almost half of my goal. The pic I put out today was taken today so its not me at my heaviest but rather my half way mark (be kind! It was taken on laundry day, no make up or proper attire!) I hope to have another pic in 60 days when I am closer to my goal. You all are such a big support and I am blessed to have found this board. Bonnie