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I started this WOL on March 22, 2000 at 224 pounds. 19 weeks later Im at 175. 49 pounds gone and 50 more to go. I love this plan I eat great and its so easy. By the way, last year I ate that cake too! This year I eat big juicy steak and lobster.

Weight: 224/175/125 (starting, current, goal)

Age: 47

BirthDay: June 19th, 1953

Sex: Female

Location: Phoenix, Arizona


Hobbies: My hobbies include computer upgrading and repairs in my spare time. Along with my constant care of my animals. Dogs, Cats, Ferret, Fish and Birds.

Occupation: Architectural Design of Commercial Facilities.

Fav. Quote: To try where there is little chance is to risk failure. Not to try, guarantees it!!

Comments: I'm a computer nerd that makes my living at computer drafting and designing commercial facilities that other people get to clean and take care of. I have 3 wonderful sons, 3 amazing daugher-in laws and 4 fantastic grandchildren. My DH and I have toughed it out now for 28 years. And I have a house full of my favorite joy: Animals. Life is so good and I'm getting skinny to boot! Comments: I'm so happy I discovered this WOL. I'm so looking forward to getting my life back that I lost 10 years ago.