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Cathy M.

Name: Cathy

weight: 290

Age: 55

BirthDay: July 16, 1946

Sex: Female



Hobbies: Gardening, cooking,traveling, my three daughters, my seven grandchildren and my one great granddaughter Alyiah.

Occupation: Bookkeeper

Comments: Married 33 years, I have a Florida Real Estate License but don't use it. I have thirty years businees experience in accounting. Computer literate. Have a pretty face and kind heart. I protect my feelings by assuming people will not like me because of my weight and then when a few turn out to be my friends anyway I am presently suprised. Many people think I am uppity, rude and standoffish, but that is just a shell I use to protect my soft side and feelings. I say what I think to peoples face not behind their back. I am generous with the ones I love and stingy to the ones I don't care about. I hve been on Atkins before and lost 60 lbs. Unfortunatly, once I got off I gained it all back plus 20 lbs more. I want to start again.