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"I am the first one on the right"

Name: Chatty

weight: 340/340/170

Age: 38

Birth Date:Oct. 27

Location: Washington State

Hobbies: I love the PC, going to the lake with the kids, watching movies, reading, walking, shopping, singing, picture taking

Occupation: Daycare Teacher

Comments: I lost 120+ lbs in 1999 by walking, lots or water and no junk food. I have gained most of that back and cannot stand it. I am a sugar freak right now and need a way to take that back. I also love carbs and I have been tossing the idea of the Atkins Diet around for awhile. I saw a friend of mine and her and her daughters are doing so well on it, so I thought if they can do it, so can I. Here I am now, hopefully I will look better very soon. You all seem very supportive and kind.


"added 05/03"