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Name: Chelle

weight: 211/199/171

Age: 30

Location: Colorado

Hobbies: I don't have time for hobbies - I work full time and take care of my 8-year old child. I do make time to see about 50 movies a year, and try to read as many books.

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Fav. Joke/Quote: "Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody thinks of changing himself."

Comments: I'm at about 200 pounds/size 16 in this (fuzzy) picture. My digital camera cost $15, and I can't get a decent full-body shot with it. I was one of those unfortunate souls who could eat a dozen donuts in an hour and a half...and still not be satisfied. Since beginning this WOE, I haven't craved any carbs, just an occasional SF truffle. Food used to rule my life, and Atkins has given me a chance to change that.

"Added 08/02"