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Name: Cora

weight: 228/203/115

Age: 29

Birth Date:July 24

Location: Newport News, Virginia

Email Address: cora.scott@ferguson.com

Hobbies: I am a student, so these things are kind of restricted. I like to lift weights, but do to PCOS and diabetes and the weight gain I have had due to these 2 health issues, I have gotten off of that path. I am getting back on the weight lifting wagon again though and it sure feels good. Other than that, I like to browse the internet, read, and spend time with my husband.

Occupation: Computer Support Analyst

Comments: I would like to get down to the weight I was at when I first got out of the military and met my husband. I was a lean, mean fighting machine back in 1994; now I feel like Buela the Balloon. I have had some health issues which has taken about 10 different doctors and a lot of other diet disappointments to get me going here.

"added 04/03"