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Name: Cristina

weight: 229/140

Age: 22

Birth Date:Dec 2, 1980

Location: philadelphia, pa

EmailAddress: cristinaweena@aol.com

Hobbies: I'm currently a junior at Tyler school of art, majoring in jewelry and metalsmithing. The great thing about learning a craft at an art school is the teach the creative, artistic side, not just the technical, mass producing side. I'm also an animal nut, and after my basic two year stint with atkins & meat, I plan to cut out meat from my diet, except for perhaps the occassional freerange chicken. hrm . . .I frequent the theater, the cinema, concerts, enjoy cooking and baking (too bad for the latter :( ) and entertaining good friends with good food, whether for a dinner or for a big ol' party. i love travelling, and wouldn't mind perfecting my german and moving to austria one day . . .

Occupation: art student

Fav. Joke/Quote: failure is not an option.

Comments: Well, hrm I did the atkins for about a month two summers ago, but it just wasn't feasible when i lived with my parents. they love cooking, and had to change too many things, and aren't fans of one person eating a burger while everyone else eats lasagne or something. not that they stopped me, but i stopped me, because there was too much of a strain. i did lose about 15 pounds during that month, though, and since then have never gained it back. my weight isn't one to fluctuate greatly, it has just gone up gradually since i was in 3rd grade. i used to be really thin and muscular, especially for a young child, and could run faster than anyone else in my class. i was very modest though.

"added 01/03"