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Diane UK


Name: Diane -UK

weight: 145/141/126

Age: 38

BirthDay: March 23rd

Sex: Female

Location: Scotland

EmailAddress: blanda@sol.co.uk

Hobbies: Probably dieting!...been engaged in the battle of the bulge since I was 13. But on a nicer note, I love travelling, films and theatre, Art, investing, and lots of other things.

Occupation: Currently at home!! (I'm resting!)

Fav. Joke/Quote: "worrying is a waste of energy", and "treat others as you would wish to be treated"

Comments: My real name is Dale, but I got so fed up with having to explain that I was a female Dale, I use the psuedonym, Diane. Although I live in Scotland, I happen to be English, having been made to move here, when my DH was relocated. Best move we made! I have 3 children, a son (10), called Callum, who lost 14 pounds on a low Carbohydrate diet, and who is now back on it!, and my two girls, (8 & 6), Camille and Georgia. I have 2 cats, and a English Cocker Spaniel, and a husband , who has lost a heap on theh Atkins diet. I was working as a food safety specialist, but found the job too boring and depressing, and now am looking to retrain for a career in a rewarding vocation (suggestions please). I know, that without this site, I would probably bailed out of this WOE ages ago, you people are wonderful!, the support is invaluable.

ICQ: 16083372