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Name: Dizzigirl

weight: 257/230/180

Age: 25

BirthDay:Oct. 3, 1976

Sex: Female

Location: Australia

EmailAddress: mausi124@hotmail.com

Hobbies: Mucking about on the puter, playing with my cat Fritzl von Rattengift (cute name hey? means little fritz ratsbane! He is totally into locarb too) I love sewing, but I don't get around to it much... beautiful fabric.. ummm... chilling out with my boyfriend's family (all the kids are about my age) reading in the great Hall in the backyard (feeling oh so proper and terribly british), sleeping, going to the gym (i like it now) and lots of other stuff but i cant think of it right now.

Occupation: revenue protection

Comments: I'm a fairly happy go lucky kinda gal, attached to my lovely boyf who is completely all for me losing weight/fat.. but says he loves me the way I am anyway... Romantic..friendly... and can't wait to see how I look with all this excess fat off my bod!