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Name: Erica

weight: 216/184/115

Age: 22

BirthDay: April 25, 1979

Sex: Female Location: San Antonio, Texas

EmailAddress: txtat2dchick@yahoo.com


Hobbies: I enjoy this WOE. I have a lot of support from my boyfriend who you may know as Conrad. He is also on Atkins, but this is about me now, so... lol. We do everything we can to support each other. I cook our meals, he finds fun stuff for us to do together. I love exercising, going to the movies, camping, fishing, hiking, going to concerts, to hockey games, gardening and chatting with fellow LC friends online.

Occupation: unemployed

Fav. Joke/Quote: The one about the panda who walks into the bar and asks for a drink, reaches into his fur, pulls out a gun and shoots the guy across the room. The lady sitting next to the panda, says, "What the heck was that about?" The panda replies, " I'm a panda, look it up in the dictionary," then leaves. The bartender reaches behind the bar for dictionary and under panda it states, "Mammal... eats chutes (shoots) and leaves." - I heard it from my boyfriend's brother... it cracked me up.

Comments: I reached an all-time high when I weighed in at 216lbs. Never again will I weigh that much. I'm determined to bring my weight down once and for all. I have been obese all my life, and at 5'0" tall, you can tell I pack it on good, lol! I will no longer be a prisoner in my own body.

ICQ: 74842004