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Name: Esther O.

weight: 191/182/120

Age: 54

Birth Date: Sept. 14, 1948

Location: Centerville, OH

Email Address: jst4games123@aol.com

Hobbies: Taking bartending classes. Plan to graduate and start working partime soon. Love being around my 4 grandchildren as often as possible (another on the way!). Love to read and to shoot pool.

Occupation: Capital Sales Administrator

Fav. Joke/Quote: ahhhh..too early to think! LOL

Comments: I LOVE the Atkins diet!! I have tried for several years to lose weight, but gained instead! I had been reading about Atkins for a while and even had some books, but it wasnt until March 1 that something clicked (maybe seeing myself naked and imagining me in a bathing suit, and I promised myself to start the next day. I did and havent stopped. I have more energy already than I have had in years and I am NOT hungry! My goal is Christmas at the LATEST. I know I will make it. Good luck to you all!


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