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This is a picture of me B.C. (before children).

I'm close to my ideal weight in this photo.


Current Photo

Name: FitNFine

weight: 238.5/227/127

Age: 30

BirthDay: Oct. 14

Sex: Female

Location: Lake Worth, FL

EmailAddress: GTMustangKelly@aol.com


Hobbies: I like playing and chatting on my computer, and I am interested in pursuing a career in Computer Networking, and getting back down to my ideal weight.

Occupation: Mother, Wife, & Student

Fav. Joke/Quote: "Shut Your Pie Hole"

Comments: There's really not too much to say right now, other than I feel blessed to have found this website, and hope to be able to be as supportive as I have seen others here in the board and chat. I know this is going to be a long road, but I really don't feel it will be too hard. I am at the point now where I am surely committed to getting this weight off, and I envision myself as I was years ago in this picture. I will for sure win this battle this time around. Hugs & Support to you all!