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Name: Tracy aka Jabbathehut

weight: 190 current 178 goal 160

Age: 42

BirthDate: August 15, 1960

Location: Southern Oregon

EmailAddress: digitalartresources@yahoo.com

Hobbies: Computer graphics, sculpting, reading (Grisham,King,Rice), leaded glass, cooking, beading, anything crafty.

Occupation: Own Web and Graphic Design Business

Fav. Joke/Quote: "We need to understand if you let kindling build up and there's a lightning strike, you're going get yourself a big fire"

Comments: Started this WOL on July 22. I am a tall gal so weight distributes. This pic was taken on Thur,August 22 and that is Air Force One in the background when the President came to visit Medford. The face has been modified in this picture to protect my anonimity and still be able to participate in this pictorial. I am married and have 5 sons and 2 step-daughters.

"added 08/02"