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Name: Janette

weight: 145/145/120

Age: 20

Birth Date: Feb 7, 1983

Location: Miami

EmailAddress: Boostychikmx6@aol.com

Hobbies: I love hangout with my boyfriend, like going to the movies, Dancing, the Beach, and Shopping with my best friend Claudia.

Occupation: Credit Consultant

Comments: I started my diet today, May 19, 2003. My starting weight is 145.5 lbs . My Long-term goal is to be 120lbs and my Short-term by the begining og June is to be atleast 138lbs... I want to lose wieght for my bestfriends wedding because im one of her bride's maid, and my dress to walk the wedding is a size 12 which im guessing ive gained a little more since my last fitting... her wedding is in late July. I'm hoping with this diet, by then i would reach my goal to be 120lbs. If you guys have any tips, please feel free to email me. Thanx!!

"added 05/03"