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Jenny K.

Name: Jenny K.

weight: 280/220/138

Age: 46

BirthDate: Dec. 12, 1956

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

EmailAddress: itsmeagain9393@yahoo.com

Hobbies: I love cooking,gardening, and painting. I also am a novice internet peep. I am trying to learn more about using the computer as I am technically challenged.

Occupation: Retired Hairstylist turned stay home

Mom Fav. Joke/Quote: Only boring people get bored.

Comments: Hi I am a stay home mom of 4. Son 13, and girls 11,4, and 3.I am married. I got a shock one day when stepping on the scale to see 280lbs. I dieted faithfully and lost some weight using low fat diet. I worked hard to lose 52 lbs. I got really bored and discouraged using low fat. A dear friend of mine suggested Atkins diet. I bought the book and started reading...it all made since. I am now on day 9 and have lost 8 lbs. I am bound and determined to make my goal. right now I weigh less than I have for 14 yrs. I wish luck to all those who are as determined as I am to do this.

"added 01/03"