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Name: Jill

weight: 201/159/150

Age: 54

Sex: Female

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Hobbies: My hobby is designing and modifying baby clothes for my dog so he can wear his outfits to work to match me. He thinks he's very special since he has two Web Sites if you want to see his attire. and

Occupation: Certified Legal Assistant since 1979

Fav. Joke/Quote: It won't matter 100 years from now.

Comments: I am a legal assistant and specialize in probate and guardianship proceedings. My very understanding boss has allowed me to take my shih tzu, Beau, to work with my since I started working for her five years ago. The clients bring Beau presents and make special trips just to see him. I started Atkins April 4, 2000 at 201 lbs., when I found my blood pressure was 200/180. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears at night. Then and there I decided to get the weight off and get off the medication. I had severe reactions for the first two weeks, but I never weakened. Lately as I get closer to goal, losing the weight becomes more difficult, but I plan to maintin this eating pattern for the rest of my life, so I am not in any hurry to get the remaining pounds off. I know it will happen eventually. I had my blood done at the initiation of this way of life and three months later. The results were fantastic. I asked my physician if I could get off the medication after the 20 lbs. loss since my blood pressure was normal. He told me to wait until I lost 40 lbs. I walked out of his office and tossed the meds in the garbage