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Name: John

weight: 270/218/200

Age: 53

BirthDay: June 8th

Sex: Male

Location: Palm Springs

EmailAddress: marksj@prodigy.net

Hobbies: I enjoy surfing, football, & travel. I highly reccommend this diet.

Occupation: Accountant

Comments: I started out on this diet at 270 on July 4th... I was amazed how quickly I lost the weight.... I got down to 225, my goal was 220. I am now at 218 and have set my final goal at 200! You do not go hungry on this diet....just keep the carbs down to 20 per day..... I enjoy cheery sugar freee jello with cool whip and 5 grams of peanuts on top.............good luck to you. email if you want to...........