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Julie (aka Wannabe)

Name: Julie aka WANNABE

weight: 174/165.5/130

Age: 39

Birth Date: Feb. 28

Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

EmailAddress: youngnbold@hotmail.com

Hobbies: I love spend time with my family, reading, EBAY, Music, antiquing, going to estate sales & rummage/garage sales, TV, Movies, Water sports (boating/jet-skiing-but haven't been in the lake for over 2 years-felt too fat), DOGS, and both of my jobs! I am a Tour Guide at a Petting Farm in Southeast Wisconsin-tour school groups of 50-70 kids on their Spring and Fall field trips-I LOVE THIS JOB! I also sell on EBAY to help buy the groceries-we are huge packrats & I also accumul8 more items every Summer during rummage sale season. Check me out on EBAY-my name there is ACCUMUL888 !!

Occupation: Petting Farm Tour Guide & EBAY seller

Comments: My kids are now 16 & 18. It is about time I started taking care of MYSELF in addition to everyone else!! I've avoided all of my old friends from my skinny days for years!! Hid in my house. They are thisclose to disowning me. Everyone on these message boards are soooo helpful 'd like to send out a huge Thank you to all of you (especially Lindy, Dawn, & Eve)!! My dog JAZZ & I are going to start daily exercise tomorrow-August 4! I'm adding that so I have to stick to it!

"added 08/03"