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Kathy (Savory)

Name: Kathy (Savory)

weight: 220/220/140

Age: 38

Birth Date: March 31, 1964

Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada

Hobbies: Hmmm..dont really have any hobbies per say. I do like to hang out with my girlfriends and scour the thrift stores looking for bargains, or spend hours at the coffee shops. I do a lot of reading, mostly legal thrillers and crime stories. ( no romance novels...although I used to love Danielle Steele). I love to cook..(and eat it all too) but dont have as much time to putter in the kitchen like I used to. And I love to sit here on the computer ...

Occupation: retail

Comments: Like alot of others, I have been on/tried EVERY weight loss scam on this planet. Only to remain the size I am now. I have been hanging around this site now for over eight months and have re-started and started induction so many times its not funny. I think that once my picture is up (gulp) it will motivate me to continue doing this properly. This board is a goldmine of information for anyone wanting to do this WOE. I'd like to take a picture every month like Brook or Coe does and see the progress. You guys are all so great!!!

"added 01/03"