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Name: Kim H.

weight: 164/139/127

Age: 33

Birth Date: Nov. 11, 1969

Location: Bradford, PA

Hobbies: I love to of course cook, that's what got me to the weight I was. I run, horse back ride, mountain bike, and have a beautiful perennial garden.

Occupation: Certified Dental Assistant

Fav. Joke/Quote: Don't ask someone to do something you would not do yourself.

Comments: This diet was a real god send. I was fat, grumpy and just plain did not like myself. I found that working out 6 days a week. 45 min of cardio and some weight machines and a low carb diet is going to be the answer. I have cheated,and the next day I get right back to the gym and try not to put it off. It is easy to get back into the same old habits if you let yourself. I feel great physically and mentally!! Im a new me.

"added 03/03"