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Name: Laurie

weight: 150/145/125?

Age: 32

BirthDate: Oct. 11, 1969

Location: New York (very rural)

Hobbies: Love spending time with my son...he is the center of my world! (and turned 5 today...kindergarten in two weeks :( Love to travel with my son and husband, read, be outdoors, swim and once a year compete in a demolition derby! (gotta have some excitement)

Occupation: unemployed social studies teacher

Fav. Joke/Quote: don't accept "you are what you are," but rather, "you are what you make yourself."

Comments: At my heaviest I was 179. I was about 160 when I tried this WOE about two years ago and was successful (got down to about 155) until I began to get queasy just from the smell of eggs. I then switched to Weight Watchers. I had luck with the points system and got down to about 137. UNFORTUNATELY this summer has been rough on my willpower and I got up to 150...something I swore would never happen. So I am back to lc living and on 3rd day of induction. This site has given me great ideas and inspiration. Thank you all who contribute! I will send updated pictures when the time comes.


"added 08/02"