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Leslie S.

Name: LeslieS

weight: 200/176/140

Age: 36

Location: Colorado

EmailAddress: leslie.s.bennett@lmco.com

Hobbies: Besides being a mom (the best and hardest job ever) and a wife, performing is my passion (acting and singing) and I do it as often as I can. I'm also the family genealogist, I love reading, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, traveling, cooking, doing Christmas crafts...too many interests, not enough time!

Occupation: Engineering Adminstrator

Comments: Though my weight loss is slow, I'm sticking with it. Its not a race after all! I've been fantasizing about what I'll look like, what I'll wear, and how I'll feel when I reach my goal weight! I'm so excited and I'm extremely grateful and thankful for all the wonderful people and their support here! 8-]

"added 09/02"