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Name: Lexxy

weight: 186/171/130

Age: 57

BirthDay: Oct. 16, 1943

Sex: Female

Location: Augusta, GA

EmailAddress: lexxyred@yahoo.com

Hobbies: I make pottery on the wheel and sell it at craft shows, am a Master Gardener who loves to work outdoors, love reading quality fiction, expect to retire with my Mr of 28 years onto a sailboat in 4 years, love to travel as much as we can.

Occupation: Pottery on the wheel

Fav. Joke/Quote: Love, like a garden, grows sweeter with time. [from a song in the musical "Shenandoah"]

Comments: I am very active with a lot of interests and enthusiasm [actually another way to describe my ADHD]. The Mr and I have a 25 year old son [only child] who is a computer animator in LA. I have a useless BA in Communication Theory but it was a fun major. I do all kinds of artsy, craftsy, decorating, landscaping stuff, almost compulsively. We have 4 acres that I love to garden with herbs, berries, veggies, flowers[no carbs there]!! Active Episcopalian but not fanatical! I had an eating problem for most of life that I thought was an eating disorder until I found out it was carb addiction. As long as I stay on low carbs I don't have cravings and feel great. Of course, I have to test it out from time to time but I always get right back on track.

ICQ: 32164093

I would like to find some understanding support to continue my enthusiasm for this lifestyle.