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Name: Linnea

weight: 258/243/145

BirthDate: Jan. 15th

Sex: Female

Location: Canada

EmailAddress: ontkitty@canada.com

Hobbies: I like to do things of stained glass ,knit and of course the computer and my puppy takes up the rest of my time.

Occupation: Retired

Fav. Joke/Quote: The best remedy for a short temper is a LONG walk.

Comments: Hello. Unlike most people here I was very slim when I was young. Had a 23" waist. I used to love dancing maybe that was the reason. I started to put on pounds after I turned 50 and life slowed down for me. I tried all the diets you could think of once lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem diet but soon put on much more, I lost 10 lbs or 20 lbs when there was a occasion like a wedding coming up, but soon it just came back. One day I was sitting here and looked at some pictures I just had gotten developed . Boy did I look( fat)Obese Morbidly obese. I started to surf the net looking for some help I found Tinakayes website and from there to here . I read all I could find on low Carb and decided that is for me. I have been on it only for a few days but I know this is it. With the Help of all the nice people on the message board I will do it and get down to the look the way I was . One day at the time.

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