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Lisa R.

Name: Lisa R.

weight: 182/160/130

Age: 37

Birth Date: Feb 15, 1965

Location: Oregon

EmailAddress: lisalou@charter.net

Hobbies: My hobbies and second job include making gel candles and spending time with my kids and on a spur of the moment taking a drive down the beautiful Oregon Coast and going to casino ( hoping to win something).

ICQ: 21047676

Comments: Starting back in April of 2002 I really began to be depressed about my weight and wanted to take control of my life. So I checked into cosmetic surgery for starters. I decided to go ahead and get a Tummy Tuck and some liposuction to many areas's I must say I don't regret it at all I look 95% better than before. However I did weigh 182 before my surgery and lost 10 lbs so the day of the operation I weighed in at 172. It has been 2 months since surgery and I am now at 160. I have not really been dieting much but have been working out a bit. My goal now with atkins is to reach 130 to start with. I figure if I can start off with small goals then I can easily reach my real goal weight which is 120. But I take baby steps before leaping into big ones. I would love any support or idea's anyone has for the induction phase that I am doing now. After induction I hope to meet many more new friends. Thanks and I don't look at this as dieting but " A new way of Life"

"added 09/02"