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Name: Lori

weight: 275/270/130

Age: 45

BirthDay:April 6, 1957

Location: Northampton, PA

EmailAddress: lori@cyberdreamdesign.com

Homepage: AND

Hobbies: I'm a self proclaimed software junkie, love to read (I've got about 5 books on my nightstand that I'm reading at any given time) love music of any kind (although I'm partial to 70's and 80's tunes!) and play piano.

Occupation: Own my own business for web design and eBay tutoring and I'm an eBay seller.

Comments: Very happily married to my wonderful hubby Tim. Brett, age 7 , and Chris, age 13 are the other loves of my life! I'm also a cat lover, but can't have any due to Chris' allergies and hubby's dislike. :-( Oh well. <><

ICQ: 27158352

AOL IM: NhamGirl

"updated 01/03"