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Name: Megan

weight: 186/167/136

BirthYear: 1957

Occupation: Full time Mom; Part time Community College Academic Advisor

Quote: "The true measure of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the ordinary." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Comments: I am happily married (17 years) with two incredible kids (g13, b11) and Buph the dog (a pekingese/shih-tzu mix that we refer to as a "pekashiht"). Studied in England for a term and became a devoted Anglophile. Love theatre and music. My family and I are very active in our community theatre, as performers and techies. Started Atkins on May 13, 2000, after my parents and brother told me about their successes with it. I'm a very slow loser, but it has allowed me to get off blood pressure meds and hormones. My cholesterol and trigs reduced so dramatically in just 5 weeks, that my doctor declared, "I don't see those kinds of good results even in vegetarians!" I'm very grateful to the board gurus who have kept me motivated through slow losing times: SuzyQ, Marti, Rick, Tara, Keef --for showing me how NOT to do it-- :) just to name a few. Love and best wishes to all!