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weight: 156/146/130

Age: 29 BirthDay: October 21, 1970

Sex: Female

Location: Massachusetts



Hobbies: I love to spend happy times with my hubby an two girls..ages 5 an 2. An my first baby thats in the pic with me too! I LOVE Disney, playin online games, an chattin with nice people :)

Occupation: FT mom of two girls....PT stylist

Fave Joke/Quote: "smile..it gets results quick"

Comments:: Well..let me think..I'm 29, been married almost 7 years, an have two beautiful daughters an a fabulous dog! I live in a little hick town, own the roof over my head, am payin on two cars, and have credit card debt....i think that makes me "all-american" lol :o I hope to someday own the house OUTRIGHT, the cars too, have only minimal credit card debt..an teach my girls enough to send them out into the world to do the same as their good old mom an dad.O almost forgot..i hope to shrink a lil bit too!! hahaha Comments: this pic was taken last fall..at around 155-160lbs. I started this WOE around the first of June an have lost 10 pounds so far. I have slipped here an there an hope to stay on the straight an narrow from this point on.