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Name: Michelle

weight: 246/238/139

Age: 24

BirthDate: April 1st

Location: NC

EmailAddress: dasiychelle@hotmail.com

Hobbies: going back to school........currently working for panera bread backery and cafe

Occupation: customer service clerk

Comments: I now on day 7 of my iduction diet. So far ive lost 8 pounds... doing well so far seeing as i work in a bakery cafe and the are many temtations all around me....... i haven't cheated once so far and i am hoping i have enough will power to hold fast to what i want...... i haven't been craving all the foods for the past few days and each day has gotten easier and easier........tired of being fat and uncomfortable.... wish me luck and email me if u would like..... my aim name is dasiychelle.....

"added 10/02"