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Name: Karen/mitrakaren

Weight: 270?/sz 18W/150

Age: 44

BirthYear: 1958

Location: Edmonton

Hobbies: Home life, my family and grandson, reading, interior decorating, my church, good friends, computers, walking, movies...

Occupation: Archivist

Fav. Joke/Quote: Gratitude is the healthiest emotion.

Comments: I've been on diets since my teens and have had six major gain/loss cycles of 50 to 100 pounds. When I started Atkins in Oct 02 I weighed about 270 and had given up on diets, probably like some of you. Then I found Atkins and my whole life changed. I'm a size 18W now but I still have a long way to go. I don't give up because the alternative is so horrible - life is sooooooo much better with Atkins! I'm a wife, mom of two adult kids, and a Grandma of one 5YO boy, and we live in Edmonton Canada.


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