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Name: Netties

weight: 318/302/245

Age: 45

Birth Date: April 17, 1957

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Email Address: lakotaannette@hotmail.com

Hobbies: My family - girls 28,26,24 and 4 and son 19 and 6 grandsons 11,8,7,4,2,1 and 1 grandaughter 7 and 2 more grandsons in May. I am a full time mother after 25 years on the work force. I am combining this with studying for a degree in Information Technology (a computer geek). I love walking since losing 18lbs on the Induction Diet and look forward to losing more. Home crafts and the internet are my main hobbies outside the normal "mother/wife" things.

Occupation: Mother/Student

Fav. Joke/Quote: Love is great


"added 02/03"