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Pat E.

Name: Pat E.

weight: 294/230/220

Age: 40

Birth Date: Nov. 16, 1962

Location: Central PA

Hobbies: Music, vacations in Orlando, cooking.

Occupation: Programmer

Comments: After 17 diets in 17 years failed to bring me below 250#, I'm there. I'm scared submitting these photos, as they may turn out to be a jinx! I've got ten pounds until I reach my original goal, may my Lord, my own vision, and the memory of Robert Atkins get me there and, more importantly, keep me there. Thanks to my wife, who despite spending her whole life fit has always loved me for who I am, and who despite being pregnant the entire time I've been on this WOE, hasn't complained once about the smell of frying bacon, charing meat, or stale pork rinds. And thanks to all those here at Everything Atkins. The beauty of cyberspace is you are who you are inside, not who you've been or what you look like. And that's the way it should be everywhere. Shame on me for not thinking like that as a teenager. I've done great, you can to. But whether you've got ten pounds to lose or two hundred and ten, start by loving yourself, because you're worth it. If you lose weight to impress someone else, you'll gain it back, because the mission is complete. If the mission is an ongoing attempt to feel better, you're more likely to succeed. Bless you all, be proud to be losers!

"added 05/03"