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"Progress Photo - Added 01/03"


Name: Hotmama/Patrice

weight: 222/210/145

Age: 36

Birth Date: Feb 8, 1966

Location: Tacoma,Wa

EmailAddress: pmilus@regence.com

Hobbies: My hobbie is cheering as loud as I can for my boys sports teams!! Since I have 3 boys, I dont really have time for any hobbies. I guess the one thing that I am good at is SHOPPING!!!!

Occupation: medical insurance

Fav. Joke/Quote: You are only as good as YOU think you are.

Comments: At 36, I figured I better get on the ball. I have 3 kids, and boy did they do a number on my bod!! Just another thing to hold over thier heads.haha I really do LOVE this way of life. It is so easy to follow. I try not to be obsessed with the actual weight, but how I feel in clothes and about myself. I just want to one day look in the full size mirror, and say WOW...is that really you? and be able to answer back....you bet, WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

"added 11/02"