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Name: Prue

weight: 88/86/68

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Location: NZ

Hobbies: I love powerwalking with our dog, a 5 yr old golden lab - she loves the walks too! I play squash with my sister twice a week and try for the gym once a week. I'm trying yoga, but tummy seems to be getting in the way of a perfect 'salute to the sun'!

Occupation: Call Centre Manager

Fav. Joke/Quote: viam inveniam aut faciam. (I'll find a way or make a way)

Comments: As you can see, life is pretty full at the moment with full time job, one preschooler, a husband that works shifts and a dog that needs lots of attention. Somewhere in the mix, I think I lost track of what was going into mouth! Suddenly it seemed that none of my clothes fitted, or if they did it was tight. So, a reality check was required. And lets be honest, the weight that came off at 21 doesn't shift at 33! I tried WW, JC, nutritionists, starving - you name it I've done it over the last 12 months. Success came in the form of 2kg lost. I found Atkins, and within a week was sold. The logic behind it was stunning, and the book could have been modelled on my symptoms, my life, my results. So, here I am.....on my way to a new life!! Cheers all and keep the faith.