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Sweet Peach


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Name: Sweet Peach

weight: 165/139/125

Age: 25

BirthDay: August 23, 1976

Sex: Female

Location: California

Hobbies: Painting, writing, anything creative.

Occupation: Graphic Design student

Comments: I never thought in a million years that I would go on any kind of diet, completly changing my way of eatting is a whole other story. I've always been thin- in the past 3 years- I've packed on 40 pounds. My RUDE wake up call was pulling on a tight pair of jeans and then realzing that three years ago they used to fall off of me. None of my former clothes fit- I wear a uniform at work and so never noticed the change. One day I just decided enough is enough- I'm done being fat, so here I am- half way to my goal- wish me luck!