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190 in Feb 26 of 03 June 12,03 at 172

Name: Tinkerval

weight: 190/172/149

Age: 26

Birth Date: June 29, 1976

Location: Texas

Hobbies: I love reading, drinking water, taking classes, going to the gym, watching t.v.,the internet, photography, singing, and my family comes first.

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Comments: I am an Everything Atkins devotee. I was tired of yo-yoing from 200 and some to 190 and I am determined to have a small body for once in my life. I'm tall and I'm latina so I have curves and have had curves since 5th grade...that's okay they make JLo look good. Wish me luck, I don't want to fail at this. Good luck to all of you!!!!

"updated 06/03"