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Name: Tomas

weight: 258/218/195

Age: 41

Sex: Male

Location: Austin Tx

EmailAddress: tomasus@yaho.com

Hobbies: My hobby i guess is my boys Matt 12, and Robbie 11. Whatever is on their platter is on mine. We enjoy snowsking every springbreak (6 in a row now). We like to go to Texas Longhorn football games. HOOK-EM HORNS!! The last year and now this year, they will be playing football themselves so I'm not sure how many games we will see. Going on three day trips around central Texas is fun for us, checking out pro sports,camping,or fishing.

Comments: I've been divorced now for 8 years or so. I get my kids every weekend and whenever I want. The x lives close so its very convienent. I stay busy with my stores buhave the flexibility to schedule fun things. I would say life is good. I found and incorperated this WOL about a year ago and thank God I did..You can count on this WOL like your best freind. I know its right. I have learned alot on the message board and want to thank everyone, especially SuzyQ.. She puts alot of effort in her posts and you can tell she really cares about all us people in cyberland. Thanks