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Tracie A.

Name: Tracie A.

weight: 155/136/115

Age: 41

Birth Date: April 23, 1961

Location: Montana

EmailAddress: taguilar@gndc.org

Hobbies: Weight lifting and working out, watching my 12 year old daughter lose weight and be excited!, talking to others about God's promises.

Occupation: Loan Officer

Fav. Joke/Quote: And God will wipe out every tear and DEATH will be no more! Revelation 21:3&4

Comments: I started Atkins in October 2002. I have lost almost 20 pounds. My sister started in December and has lost 30. My 12 year old daughter started in December and has lost 25. My mother started in October and lost 16 before she was run over and had to stop for surgeries. Hopefully we have her on track again because her high blood pressure was normal while she was on it! I have also watched 2 co-workers start the diet and are doing very well. This is such a wonderful way to eat and feel better.

"added 03/03"