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Valerie H.

Name: Valerie H.

weight: 174

Age: 50

Birth Date: Sept. 18

Location: Nova Scotia

Email Address: mrs_madhatter_4ver@yahoo.com

Hobbies: Counted crossstitch, reading, walking

Occupation: Order Management Clerk

Comments: I have been overweight since my early teens. I had a period where I was skinny from 19-24 but then I had my children and there's been no skinny days since. I started Atkins July 30th but due to illness and a 2 week stay in the hospital I had to give it up. I lost 14 lbs while in the hospital but now am ready to keep going. I started at 174 and would like to reach a goal weight of 135. My mom, who is 70, this time last year was 200 lbs, just saw her while I was in the hospital and she is not down to 170 and that's only through Atkins. She does not follow it strictly, because she has to be careful with her many health problems. She is my inspiration. I feel if someone of her age can loose weight then so can I. Thank you for all the support that has been given and will be given.

"added 09/03"