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Donna (Velvet)

Name: Donna (Velvet)

weight: 200/190/135

Age: 42

Location: Central Coast of California

Hobbies: I love to create, knitting, painting, beading, sewing and decorating.

Comments: I decided to do this WOE after trying out some other options. For whatever reason this WOE is easy for me. I don't feel like I'm missing out. I really want to lose the weight for 2 reason 1.My health. I'm getting older now and I want to have quality of life in my later years and not a bunch of health problems related to being over weight. 2.I want to look great. I'm single and the weight as kept men at a safe distance for some time now. I'm ready to stop playing so safe. My goal is to weigh 140 by Holloween. And lose the next 5 lbs after that.

"added 05/03"