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Name: Veronika

weight: 225/220/160

Age: 32

BirthDate: July 3, 1970

Location: San Jose ca

EmailAddress: veronikita@earthlink.net

Hobbies: Taking care of my precious baby girl (9 mos old), Madelyn, riding horses, taking care of my dogs, reading, walking, scrapbooking

Occupation: Art Licensing Manager

Fav. Joke/Quote: You either get busy living or get busy dying

Comments: I have always been a few lbs. overweight but realized that it had gotten worse right before I got pregnant. I was at my all time high of course when I was pregnant, which terrified me. After the baby, I was at 225 lbs. and realized that I am not going to fit into my favorite levis for the winter. I was putting off diet and exercise til another day...but also realized that after having gestational diabetes, constant back problems, and now foot problems, something had to give. I did some real soul searching and discovered that my weight was the source of serious depresssion and I had to do something to get out of it...so one week into this I have lost 5 lbs and I can feel the loss, and it feels good. I want to be healthy for my daughter, my husband, and myself...here we go.........


"added 10/02"