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Wild Pony


Name: Barbara L.

weight: 291/280/170

Age: 36

Birth Date: Jan. 7, 1967

Location: Joliet, Illinois

Email Address: angelcreations@attbi.com

Hobbies: Working Out, dancing, singing, travel, the ocean, deep sea fishing, just haning out on the beach, shootin pool!

Occupation: Homemaker

ICQ: 19681260

Comments: I am really glad that I have found this board. Although my weight loss is very slow, I would not change a thing. The people here are wonderful and very helpful! I have been overweight most of my life and have lost weight and gained it back as I am sure most of you have also gone thru! I am an emotional eater and since starting this WOE, I dont eat to satisy my emotions. I am married to a great guy for almost 5 years now and have a gorgeous 3 year old daughter named Grace. Her middle name is Chun Sa which is Korean for "Angel". Although it does not fit her very often at this age..*lol* I am looking forward to the day where I can walk into a clothing store that caters to sizes UNDER 16!!! It has been about 7 years since that has happened!! Feel free to email me anytime! I hope you all remain on this board and that we meet many newcomers! This place is awesome and a special thanks to Debbie for all she has done on this site!! Barb

"added 03/03"