Starting the Atkins Diet & Phases

The following information contains some general guidelines to help you get started on The Atkins Diet, however you should purchase the to understand all the principles behind Dr. Atkins Diet. The book is very informative and a "must" to do the diet correctly.

Before you begin, please take your measurements and write them down to help track your progress. Sometimes the tape measure is more helpful in showing your weight loss than the scale! Keep a weight loss journal or print out the Atkins progress chart to record what you are eating. Check out the Atkins Diet tips page for more helpful ideas. Be sure to visit the Atkins Diet Message Boards for more help.

The Phases Of The Atkins Diet:

There are four phases of the Atkins Diet. You can begin to learn about them below:

Phase 1 Induction - The first 14 days

Phase 2 Ongoing Weight Loss /OWL

Phase 3 Pre-Maintenance

Phase 4 Lifetime Maintenance