Atkins Diet Tips


Expect Stalls.

It's perfectly normal for the body to go through adjustment periods while you're losing weight on the Atkins Diet. No weight loss plan is a downhill slope. You will more likely see a loss, then a gain, then another loss.
Don't use daily weight changes as any indication of how you are progressing! While on the Atkins diet, you may find that your weight loss slows after the first two weeks. This is normal. If you weigh yourself daily, use those numbers to calculate your average weight at the end of the week by adding the daily weights together and dividing by the number of days.
A better measure of your progress will be how loosely your clothes start to fit. That's also why it's a good idea to measure yourself before
you begin.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is vital to your health and to help lose weight.
Water is necessary for the metabolism of your stored fat. Weight loss cannot occur without an active metabolism which requires large quantities of water. Cold water is best. The colder the water, the more energy the body must use to warm the water, thus burning
more calories.

Read labels for everything. This is very important so that you can familiarize yourself with carb counts. It is very useful to get a good to keep on hand as well.

Join the Atkins Diet Message Forums . Having a good support group is always a good idea when losing weight . The message boards are usually full of helpful tips and is a great place to share your progress with others.

To lose weight faster, try to reduce your intake of caffeine. Caffeine leads to an increase of insulin in your body that retards the burning of your stored fat.
Here is a rough guide to use when looking at the amount of caffeine you currently take in:
Brewed coffee (6 oz. cup) - 100mg;
Instant coffee (6 oz.) - 70mg;
Tea (6 oz.) - 50mg;
Soft drinks (12oz.) - - 50mg;
Dark chocolate (1 oz.) - 20mg and Milk chocolate (1 oz.) - 6mg.

Beware of hidden carbs. Some labels will say 0 carbs when there is really .5 carbs.

Examples: Cream -- 0.6 grams per ounce
Cheddar Cheese -- 0.5 grams per ounce
Swiss Cheese -- 0.9 grams per ounce
Eggs -- 0.6 grams each
Coffee -- 0.7 grams per cup
Artificial Sweeteners -- 1 gram per packet.
If you find your legs cramping it is a sign of or deficiency. Add these supplements to your diet.

If you find yourself feeling weak, you may not be getting enough carbs. Although the Atkins Diet is low in carbohydrates, it is not a no carb diet. As you go through each phase of the Atkins diet, you will be adding more carbs. Try adding a little more to see if it helps.

Many women experience a weight gain of 2-5 pounds the week before their time of month.. This water weight gain is temporary.

A great tip is to set realistic goals. Do not expect to lose 5 lbs a week. Average weight loss is 1/2 to 2 lbs. a week.

Some people will experience a "plateau" or period of not losing. A true plateau is usually after a month without any loss. If this happens to you, try to evaluate how many carbs you have been consuming. It could be too much cheese, nuts, or artificial sweeteners. Try keeping a weight loss journal or print out the progress chart to record what you are eating.

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One of the best tips is to keep a positive outlook!!!

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